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Tel: +30 22450 23873 (Pigadia Office)

Tel: +30 6972 425 726 (Airport Office)

E-mail: drivekarpathos@yahoo.gr

E-mail: info@karpathosrentacar.com


1. RENTER’S AND DRIVER’S AGE: At least 21 years old.

2. DRIVER’S LICENSE: The driver must have held a valid license for at least 12 months

3. INSURANCE: All authorized drivers of DRIVE vehicles are covered against fire and liability to third parties for death, injury or damage to property.


5. COLLISION DAMAGE WAIVER (CDW): On condition that the driving code has not been violated, renter’s responsibility can be reduced to for groups a ,b and c, d, e, s  430 euro, groups f, m, k, j 550 euro, and all other groups 750 euro.

6. THEFT PROTECTION (TPC): Total value of the DRIVE car against the theft subject to an additional charge of 5 € for all Vehicles.

7. PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE (PAI): A PAI is available for an additional charge of 5 € per day per car covering the driver and each passenger for medical expenses 1.500 € and for loss of life or total/partial permanent disablement 44.000 € for the driver and 17.600 € for each passenger. The total amount for each accident is limited to 88.000 €.

8. FULL DAMAGE WAIVER (FDW): On condition that the driving code has not been violated, renter’s self-risk can be reduced to 0 (zero) € by paying an additional charge of 5,85 for groups a,b,and c  and 8,80 euro for all other groups.

9. TYRES AND WHEELTRIMS: Are NOT covered by the insurance.

10. PARKING: Is allowed only in authorized parking zones.

11. GASOLINE: Renter is responsible for the gasoline consumed during the rental. Refilling charge 7€.

12. EXTRA EQUIPMENT: Luggage rack 5 euro  per day , baby seat 3 euro per day

13. ADDITIONAL DRIVER is charged an insurance fee of 2,5 euro per day

14. TRAFFIC FINES: Tickets and subsequent administrative sanctions resulting from traffic violations during the rental period are at the renter’s responsibility expenses.

15. The insurance becomes invalid if car or vehicles leaves asphalt-covered surface. The renter understands the underneath of the car is not covered by the insurance.

16. TRANSFER FEE: A fee of 10 € is to be paid in case the car is returned to a different station.

17. ADMINISTRATION FEE: In case of an accident an administration fee of 30 € has to be paid.

Rates are subject to charge without notice. The reading of klms "out" and "in" starts from and terminates at our station. Renters wishing to drive the car off of Karpathos island must have the advance authorization of our office.